Knittens is a recently added monster, being added with Insquidious, it requires level 12 to be able to be bought.

Appearance Edit

in its basic form, It appears to be a stuffed plush toy of a cat. It also appears to be referencing the prizes from claw machines in arcades. It is much bigger(obviously) and walks on two legs.

Attacks Edit

Sharing the normal 3 attack pattern from the other monsters, Knittens has One melee, one ranged, and one ultimate attack. Every attack hit does 1 heart of damage, but only the melee attack does terrain damage.

  • Melee Attack: 'Launch your soft paws at enemies. Who said cute couldn't be mean?'
    • This attack shoots out the paws of Knittens out connected to a string, creating an AOE area a bit farther away from Knittens then a normal melee attack.
  • Range Attack: 'Hurl a ball of yarn at your foes, entangling them in string.'
    • This attack has Knittens pull out a ball of yarn and throw it in a target direction, when this yarn contacts a surface it connects a rope from the yarn ball to any players and terrain near it, preventing them from moving for a short while.
    • This has a 20 second cooldown
  • Area Attack: "Get lifted up by a claw... then get dropped... crushing everything below you."
    • This attack is similar to the ultimates of Casa Loco and Llamabot, creating a purple area indicating the range, except it's a bigger area. This attack has Knittens getting pulled into the air by a claw, with a slight delay and then is dropped, dealing damage to anyone in the area. This ultimate attack has the longest charge up in the game.
    • This has a cooldown of 21.5 seconds. This makes this the 3rd shortest cooldown on area attacks (Beaten by Minotaur and Insquidious, which is the shortest.) Despite this, this has the longest charge up for an area attack.

Trivia Edit

  • Knittens is based off of a claw machine prize.
  • The reason why it's attacking is because it was abandoned in the claw machine.
  • Knitens is a combination of 2 words:
    • Knit- based of the fact it's sewed.
    • Kittens-The plush is made to resemble of.
  • This is one of the two monsters who are not alive, but based of on living things.
    • The other one is Llamabot, which is based on giraffes or llamas.